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Product development

Product development

We aim to serve our customers with comprehensive product development projects. We can take the full responsibility of the project and its management. This is how we accomplish our one stop goal for the product development services. For example we can offer complete services with mechanical and industrial desing with optical design and systems on a chip.

We also have good networks for contracting work in Finland and also in China. Our customers are able to choose between local manifacturing or getting pricing of tools and manifacturing as cheap as possible. Our development team is scalable and recource usage flexible. With our partners we are able to get together a cost effective team where all of the requirements for the project are met. This is how we make your project cost effective by using only required recources for the required time and there is no extra standby time.

What is the cost of a product development project?

  • You are able to choose between an hour-based project according our agreement and a complete contracting work with a single price. Hour-based projects are usually chosen when the end-result is unknown or not precisely specified. This is usually when we are looking for different solutions for a problem and/or brainstorming new ideas. This is also used when renting our designers to work as a part of customers development team and facilities for couple of months. It is really hard to give a single price for a project, because every single project is different in its difficulty and some other project can need different kinds of recourser than another.

How long does a typical product design project take?

  • Usual project is typically several months long, especially if it has several different fields of design. (For example industrial and mechanical design, electical design and software development). In the middle prototyping rounds can be made, different solutions can be tested and at the end the product can be made suitable for massproduction. At the same time some small projects can be done even in a day (for example modeling a simple sheet metal piece or a simple piece for machining), if the goal is clear and not complicated.